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nothing really... [Thursday, March 30th, 2006
at 11:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i fucking told you bitch's!!!

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has completely stopped producing UMD movies, according to executives who asked not to be identified by name. Said one high-ranking exec: "It's awful. Sales are near zilch. It's another Sony bomb -- like Blu-ray."

Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment also is said to be out of the UMD business. "We continue to evaluate the PSP platform for each title, and if it makes sense for business reasons and the target audience, we will release them," spokeswoman Brenda Ciccone said. "Our focus right now is much more aimed at HD (high-definition) at the moment, though."

A high-ranking executive was more blunt: "We are on hiatus with UMD," he said. "Releasing titles on UMD is the exception rather than the rule. No one's even breaking even on them."

Also out of the UMD business is Image Entertainment, while other studios -- including 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment -- have drastically slashed release schedules.

"No one's watching movies on PSP," said the president of one of the six major studios' home entertainment divisions. "It's a game player, period."

lol. anyway yeah. i was a republican for a day today hahaha. actually, i just started a flame war with some.

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ohh yeah... [Monday, February 27th, 2006
at 2:54pm]
[ mood | sleepies ]

good ol US of A. heres a little bit of history that involves them. http://www.jacksonholestartrib.com/articles/2006/02/27/news/wyoming/bfb227bae65ea9df8725712100267bd5.txt although its kinda more about japan and stuff... i think its pretty interesting how america decided to try it out on their own people first. couse yeah, they're just that careing. さよなら

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for kicks... [Sunday, January 29th, 2006
at 10:36pm]
[ mood | stupid body ]

just something to kill sometime for you, couse if you're anything like me, you've got it in abundance.

i always liked those games... well, most of them. but i just wish they would have had this commercial in america. its awesome lol

this ones just crazy. no matter how hard you think someone is being on you or something, just remember this guy. lol, least he's not your teacher/dad/random.angry.guy.on.the.street. just wow.

tha's all i guess. さよなら

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just couse [Monday, January 16th, 2006
at 11:39pm]
[ mood | restless ]

no!!!! this is stupid and i dont like it! people need to know this >< i didnt even realize it said i passed untill leslie pointed it out! let this be a lesson to alll you foreign peoples out there that for some reason or another want to come to this stupid ass country!!!! just guess on the fucking thing and you'll do fine.. i did T_T

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 8 out of 10 correct!


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gotta put some stank on it... thats all that is. [Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
at 5:04pm]
[ mood | fucking tired! ]

Nothing tooo new... other then i finally went back to college. yay me. one fat ass class! heh, only 50 mins long it is. music fundamentals in case people were wondering what it was. it's only been 3 days, but it increased my thinking that i would like to be a music major... although i dont know what exactly that entells exactly. but, i think it would be a labor of love lol. anyway, so that i dont disappoint you with just some boring lame post about me, here's someone else!!!! and its pretty fucking funny http://www.orange32.com/grabowski/

あいしてる れすり!!(resuri)

couse i can... [Thursday, December 29th, 2005
at 2:23am]
[ mood | but what else is new ]

Nothing new.. other then i now know how to input japanese text on windows! みどり and i aint talking about no weak ass copy paste shit boy-o! あか it's like full blown aid's son, and its here to stay どもありがとございまうす!!!

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sick agian... [Friday, December 23rd, 2005
at 1:38am]

Dont even ask me how the fuck i found this couse i dont even remember. but! dont even act like its not one of the fucking funniest things you've seen in a while. so simple, but so funny lol. enjoy bitch's!


now hopefully i can get some more sleep.

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writing songs is hard... [Monday, November 21st, 2005
at 1:17am]

look i can update my journal too.

Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameCaffeine Boy
Super PowerCan Cry On Command
Mode Of TransportationScooter
WeaponVinyl Records
Quiz created with MemeGen!


again... [Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
at 3:01pm]
[ mood | im good at that one... ]

Sorry i make you so mad at me all the time. Its not my intention. I love you so much.. Please dont forget it.

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Ohh so much music... [Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
at 2:09am]
[ mood | blah ]

here is my winamp playlist. if anyone out there wants to trade any music let me know :) lol, i dont understand why i take such pride in my collection of music, but i do o.o i like to think i have one of the most eclectic collections around right now. sooo yeah.. anyway. bi bye

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Why not... [Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
at 1:24pm]
[ mood | my limbs are sleepy ]

sence i never update, seeing as i have nothing to say really. my life is just one big duuuull day after another day. here is a funny video i found. enjoy.


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this is me.... [Thursday, July 28th, 2005
at 12:23am]
[ mood | hurting ]


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We all suck... [Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
at 11:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

By limitedbythesky

your name means, my shame Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 21st May 2007
Best Album: 'Arcing Platings Subfluid Biotites' 6/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Croaks Acetum Nibblers Cornpone Conners Assault' 1/10 in the NME
Records Sold: 37,471 in total (23,519 albums, 13,952 singles).
Reputation: Unknown
Groupies: kiyoshisakura is a bizarre little creature, when they are not suckling at the non-proverbial teat of resuriko, they spend the rest of their spare time trying to seduce anything on legs.
OtherShortly after 'Robands Cresting Drayed's release in June 2005, odorikakai received a death threat from the Pope who warmed them that if they released such unadultured shite in the future they would disappear in the night.

your name means, my shame Member Profiles


odorikakai sounds like a delicate cross between a recently castrated chicken and Johnny Rotten.


Unable to pick strings individually, resuriko had to resort to beating the shit out of all of the strings at once to contribute in any way to your name means, my shame's din. And even then...

animech1ck still finds difficulty in producing anything resembling a discernible note from their bass.

twilighthalcyon made Moe Tucker seem like the bastion of rhythm.

flaming_tofu posesses the unique ability to detune pianos by simply looking at them.

Single Releases

# Title Date
35 Kindest Lizards Sep 2005
47 Shrieval Dec 2005
N/A Croaks Acetum Nibblers Cornpone Conners Assault Feb 2006
N/A Robands Cresting Drayed Apr 2006

Album Releases

# Title Date
39 Arcing Platings Subfluid Biotites Jun 2005

northern ireland's worst

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picture day... [Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
at 10:34pm]
[ mood | something i dont know ]

I took pictures. that is to say, i take pictures... MANY pictures, but i rarely post them. unless you see my photobucket thingie. couse i put them in there. at any rate, here are some of the most recent ones i would like to share with my circulation of 4.

monkCollapse )
first! tha awesomeness that is the monk statue

lifestyles of the azn and famousCollapse )
and this is the coolest house i've ever seen in fresno. hands down.. hands down your pants and mine they are down so far why not o.o

even lame people can rent limos.Collapse )
now, is it just me.. but is it very lame to rent out a nice limo and all that stuff, and then drive it to a fast food place? like wendys? i mean, lets go a little fancyer. and when a lame person is in a limo, they are.... *bam* lam-os!! lol arnt i funny? o.O

if i didnt go faster then 80 i couldnt go back in timeCollapse )
thats just me driving to work... well, when i had a job that is. and i hope at least someone gets the link comment! T_T

piggyCollapse )
see, even in california the cops are on cell phones. and whats worse, minutes before i took this pic, a cop drove by parrallel to me on the phone, least this guy is on a bike. dont hear about many bike/cell phone related crash's that is lol

chicken & beer anyone?Collapse )
now this.. i dont think i have to say anything to make this just funny as hell.

so thats it for now. maybe ill do this more often. probably not. so we'll see. oyasumi

-----------side note-------------
a bug just flew right into my eye ball. and i killed it with my eyes. who else do you know that can kill a living beast with its eye ball whaa haa haa, i am your jeebus now x.O

i own bitch's

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damn it... [Friday, April 15th, 2005
at 12:57pm]
[ mood | hungerys ]

so, 'the wonderers guild' just came on my wimamp.. and man, after listening to this. it just makes me realize how much their other stuff sucks compared to this. i mean, they are a good band. but damn it. thier old stuff rocked ass. some of the new shit just sucks it -_-. just a though. sooo... good luck in the future armor for sleep, im still with you!


j/k... [Friday, April 15th, 2005
at 12:31am]
[ mood | gotta pee ]

of course i was joking. but now i know who actually reads my junk. if i just asked no one would answer -_-. so yeah. not really, sorry homie. sad that only 3 people read it though i guess.

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shock... [Thursday, April 14th, 2005
at 2:28pm]
[ mood | gotta poop ]

nothing new. umm, i wanna make out with ellis. does that count?

going to work now. so bye to everyone.

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[Monday, March 21st, 2005
at 9:27pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

she is so perfect, how can anyone blame me for being so scared to lose her. shes so perfect. i wish i wasnt so jealous of everyone. i just take everything to literal. and if something is said, or not said then i get angry.. maybe not angry, but sad, deppressed. things of that nature. just yeah,.

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better... [Monday, March 21st, 2005
at 12:18pm]
[ mood | better... ]

like i said before. now i feel better. you make me the happiest love. so that i feel better now, lets not mess the moment. i still have to work on my stupid thoughts is all. and you can work on whatever you want i guess, even though i think its not your problem. i love you. so thats all that matters

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control... [Monday, March 21st, 2005
at 2:24am]
[ mood | and wanting to exit ]

this post will be nothing but a fucking bunch of my thoughts all rolled up into one big mess.. the fucking big mess that i call my head. all the stupid shit that i think, actually, ill probably just ramble. so dont waste your time reading this.

how can someone that makes me feel soo good, make me feel so fucking bad at the same time and not even try to? i want to kill myself for being so stupid. sorry, but i read your conversations that you had today.. i didnt want to, but i couldnt stop myself... and knowing outright that they probably mean nothing. i feel only dispare and just want to fucking die it hurts so bad. its so confusing >< you make me the happiest when you're here... untill i have to blow something out of preportion. i cant type barely im shaking so much. the thought of losing you.. it pounds my fucking head in. all over are sign's that i wont see you a year from now. and its killing me. i want all this shit to stop, just STOP. maybe because i just go out of my way to not start any trouble... look over everything over and over and over and over again to make sure it wont affect you. even now, just typeing this, it piss's me off. because when you see this, you'll probably start to cry, and think i dont like you or something. or, i dont even know. i cant really bother to think that right now. i cant think anything.. i just want to fucking sleep and wake up tommarow, and hear you, or read what you have to say.. and make me smile all over again. and take all the fucking pain away. I HATE SHAKING. i cant control my hands. and the things i read just over and over stab at me. tell me they mean nothing? tell me! make me feel better.. ill be up all night for you. i cant sleep. i never could. i only left because i didnt want to say anything. but then why do i know? couse i hate myself for thinking this, and i just want to know that you love me. you sent me a very nice email; but i couldnt even enjoy it because at the time, i was trying not to punch myself in the face for being an idiot. everything i see hurts me. but why? why didnt you say anything? flirting isnt bad, we all do it dont we? do we know that we do? i dont. i dont want to. im a guy, i know what guys think... and when they say something.. i know what they mean. i think everything through, i plan out your response, and then mine, and then your's again jus to get everything right. everything must be fucking perfect. everything must work out. i cant be alone. not again. this must make me sound like a complete nut job. and i know i am.. but im trying not to be... i just want you with me.. and no one else. and no one else to want you. but that cant happen. couse you're beautiful. and always will be. and i should be so lucky to have someone like you in my lfe... even for a fleeting moment till now. i want to do more for you. ill buy you anything you want. just make me see what you see. flirting isnt bad. hugs are ok to give to random people... but things that you do for me... that make me feel special.. are they just for me? doesnt seem so anymore. and it crush's me. not that it even should. but untill now, just now, i had never thought of it like i couldnt live with out you. but i've built my whole world around you. its like if i had to chose between you and life? i would pick life. because you are my life. ahhhhhhh! it just all makes no sence in my head. if it means nothing, then why say it in the first place is all i want to know? if someone said something rude to you, knowing that it was totally inapporpriat (however you fucking spell that stupid word), why not tell them it was out of line, or affended you? maybe it made you feel good? or you would like it to happen? many reasons come to mind. now that i cant know what is in your mind.. thats were i get stupid and hate myself. because i should know everything. i really dont want to put this up anymore, but im going to.. only because of the fact of what you said earlier. how you felt better.. after i made you cry or whatever. because you had all that shit just built up in you. from varyous place's and then letting it out felt really good. well, this is helping. or i hope it will in the end. its getting to long. i wish i didnt care so much. i wish i could hold myself back. i didnt want to read everything you post on everything. (not literally everything) but i do anyway, and i see the things that i dont like. but all the things that i do like, make me feel better... but then back to the other. just a fucking roller coaster. and everyone that reads this is going to think im fucking insane.. and i probably am. but fuck it. i just want you to like me.. and not have to feel like you have to flirt with other people. weither or not to make them feel good or anything. there are bounds.. arnt there?


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